The Pot-Mate™ allows drainage to protect patios and decking from water or soil staining by discreetly raising flower pots and plant pots off the ground.

Improved Pot Drainage

No stains on patios or decking

100% recycled plastic

Placing pots directly onto a patio can lead to sludge build-up and staining.  This is can also lead to blockages as the soil becomes waterlogged which can affect plant health.

The Pot-Mate discreetly raises flower pots and other plant pots off the ground. Raising pots also makes it harder for slugs and snails to attack the plants.

Pot-Mate™ is the answer to a number of pot and container planting issues

No more marks and stains

Pots are easier to lift to reposition

Improved drainage and no water logging

Point of Sale display

Our point of sale displays helps your customers to choose from three sizes of Pot-Mate:

150mm Pot-Mate™
Pots with base diameter of 160mm – 200m

200mm Pot-Mate™
Pots with base diameter of 210mm – 250mm

250mm Pot-Mate™
Pots with base diameter of 260mm – 360mm

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