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Decorative Wall Panels for your interior ranges

At Guardian Distribution we have an excellent supply of decorative wall panels. Installers can replace time-consuming traditional methods such as tiling with quick-to-install wall panels. All our wall panels are waterproof, require no specialist tools to install and can be installed over existing surfaces. Ranging from 2400mm - 2840mm in height and 250mm to 1000mm wide, we have collections with styles to suit any room or design taste.  Overall, our decorative wall solutions make decorating a room light work for your customers and are suitable for DIYers and contractors alike.

Where can decorative wall panels be used?

With a wide variety of wall panel widths and pack sizes, your customers have a greater choice to suit many different projects. Fitters can quickly complete large walls in an office building or home. Each collection is extremely versatile and is popular for use in bathrooms in either new builds or retrofits. Most likely because of the hygienic features of the wall panels - being waterproof, mould-proof, and easy to clean. Further, projects can be finished in half the time compared to traditional methods. Especially as our wall panels can be fitted onto existing even surfaces like tiles. This means a contractor can quickly move on to the next job, completing jobs with multiple rooms such as an apartment block

At Guardian Distribution we supply a stunning selection of designs and wall panel types to suit every project. Suitable in residential and commercial spaces, each range also has a selection of trims to complement the panels and interior design.

PVC decorative wall panels

Motivo 250

An earthy contemporary range including brickwork and wood effects. These PVC wall panels are a cost-effective and versatile option for any room. The Motivo 250 Wall Panels are made of 7.5mm hollow PVC for light and easy installation and are perfect for DIY customers.

Dimensions: 250mm W x 2650mm H x 7.5mm D

Supply: Packs of 4 pattern-matched panels

Coverage: 2.6m2

Motivo 250 wall panel designs:

Neptune 250

Wall panels in this collection are more mould and stain-resistant compared to natural materials like marble. However, designed with marble and stone imitation they are the perfect alternative. These wall panels are easy to wipe clean and give a lovely finish to elegant bathroom projects.

Wall Panel dimensions: 250mm W x 2650mm H x 7.5mm D

Pack Size: Packs of 4 pattern-matched panels

Pack Coverage: 2.6m2

Neptune 250 wall panel designs:

Neptune 250 Tile Effect

Decorative Wall Panels

These tile-effect wall panels are a complement to the Neptune 250 collection. Providing a fast alternative to tiling, they even come with a grout line effect. Varying slightly in size, the Neptune 250 Tile Effect panels are 2700mm in height and 8mm thick.

Wall Panel Dimensions: 250mm W x 2700mm H x 8mm D

Pack size: 4 pattern-matched panels

Pack Coverage: 2.7m2

Neptune 250 tile effect designs:

Neptune 400

Decorative Wall Panels Neptune 400 grey-brick

This collection includes fantastic slate, stone, and metal imitations. Catering for the pattern matching of the designs, panels in this range are 400mm. Supplied in packs of 3 panels, each pack gives a total width of 1200mm for faster coverage. Moreover, the Neptune 400 wall panels are suitable for taller walls with a height of 2600mm to 2800mm. Supplying a bigger coverage, this collection is great for quickly completing large areas like hallways.

Wall Panel Dimensions: 400mm W x 2600mm/2800mm H x 7.5mm D

Pack Size: 3 pattern-matched panels

Pack Coverage: 3.12m2/3.36m2

Neptune 400 wall panel designs:

Neptune 600

Perfect for showers, these panels are easy to handle and quick to install. Neptune 600 width makes them a top choice for showers with tray sizes of 1200mm – a quick solution for bathroom remodels.

Wall panel dimensions: 600mm W x 2400mm H x 7.5mm D

Pack size: 2 pattern-matched panels

Pack Coverage: 2.88m2

Neptune 1000

Fast to install, the Neptune 1000 solid Mega Panel range is great for commercial and domestic applications. Due to its width, fitters don’t have as many joints to seal. Similar to our 250mm wide panels, these metre-wide panels are a great versatile option with lots of designs. However, the collection is supplied in packs of 2 making it a great alternative for shower enclosures.

Wall Panel Dimensions: 1000mm W x 2400mm H x 10mm D

Pack Size: 2 pattern-matched panels

Pack Coverage: 4.8m2

Neptune 1000 wall panel designs::


Decorative wall panels Ireland Atlantis White Gloss

A great choice for behind sinks as Kitchen splashbacks* the Atlantis decorative wall panel is a long solid laminate panel. Featuring an embossed bevel tile and grout effect these panels come in stunning high-gloss shades. Further, this collection is a great alternative to traditional tile preparation and installation. This high-quality decorative range comes in 1 panel per pack and is a quick and luxury solution for any kitchen, or bathroom.

*Not suitable for use behind high-heat appliances such as an open hob.

Wall Panel Dimensions: 1220mm W x 2440mm H x 3mm D

Pack Size: 3 pattern-matched panels

Pack Coverage: 3.12m2/3.36m2

Atlantis wall panel designs:

Hygienic Sheets

At Guardian Distribution we also supply transparent acrylic sheets. Waterproof and Easy to clean these hygienic sheets are commonly used in hospitals and kitchens. Additionally, due to the durable and versatile nature of the sheets, they were a popular choice in retail and event venues during the pandemic.

Wall Panel Dimensions: 200mm W x 2440mm H x 2.5mm D

Pack Size: 1 sheet

Pack Coverage: 0.488m2

Luxury Panelling


A stylish tile and plank collection that does not require any grouting. Great for large projects, these plank and tile panels are easy and come in fashionable concrete and stone effects. This range comes with a 5-year guarantee and is Fire-rated and water-resistant.

Kerradeco Designs:

Fibo tile alternative

Black Silk Hexagonal Tile 

Fibo wooden wall panels are a Norwegian-curated tile alternative. At Guardian Distribution, we are the exclusive suppliers of Fibo Wall Panels in the Republic of Ireland. This fabulous collection consists of 3D tile designs without the need for grouting. Thus, making it much easier for your customers who want a realistic tile finish without the hard labour. 100% waterproof and anti-bacterial and easy to install, Fibo decorative wall panels are a favourite for high-end or commercial projects and will be easy to maintain for years to come. This collection is sure to impress your customers and comes with a 25-year warranty.

Fibo wall panel designs:

Wall Panels specifications

We have decorative trims and accessories available to match each type of panelling collection and application.

See a comparison of each panel range specification and the respective trims below:

Why choose decorative wall panels for your customers?

In summary, we have a large range of excellent waterproof interior wall panels that will suit a wealth of decorative projects. As a result, contractors can efficiently install our wall panels on multiple commercial or domestic jobs. In addition, our decorative wall panels are a favourite in the DIY community as they are so easy to install over existing surfaces. Therefore, our offering at Guardian Distribution provides a lucrative source of decorative solutions for your interior catalogue.

At Guardian Distribution we not only supply you with the products, but we also offer point-of-sale displays and showroom advice to best present your interior wall panel offering. As well, we have product calculators and support you with marketing assets so you can confidently introduce the products to your customers.

For more information about our decorative wall panels range, including pricing, speak to a member of the sales team now.

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At Guardian Distribution we have partnered with Norwegian tile alternative wall panelling brand Fibo. We are proud to be the exclusive supplier of Fibo products in Ireland.

What are Fibo Wall Panels?

Fibo wall panels are a luxury finish with half the fuss of traditional tiles.
These high-quality wall panels consist of an enhanced moisture barrier, plywood core and high-pressure laminate layer. These panels are expertly crafted and are proven to prevent bacteria growth. Each panel also incorporates Aqualock edges that protect against moisture seeping in, a feature that also speeds up installation.

Fibo tile alternative

  • Fibo tile alternative London Blue

A prominent element in the Fibo panels is a 3d tile effect with grout lines, without the effort of actually grouting them. This smart tile alternative means fitters can easily complete larger projects and maintain a classic tile look without all the labour of traditional tiling. Fibo panels can conveniently be installed directly onto the existing walls, (even surfaces only). Consequently, speeding up the installation time of traditional wall decoration methods. This superior panelling range allows fitters to complete a project to a high standard and in a timely fashion so they have more time for other jobs.

Additionally, through extensive testing, Fibo panels are confirmed to achieve a 100% waterproof and antibacterial status when installed correctly. As a result, the panels will perform as needed and are easy to keep clean in bathrooms and other moisture-heavy rooms. In addition, Fibo panelling comes with a 25-year product warranty for peace of mind. Consequently, these benefits are important for the fitters and will give a pleasant experience to the end user.

Fibo tile alternative
Black Silk Hexagonal Tile

What Fibo designs are there?

Fibo wall panels come in a variety of stunning designs suitable for any style. Including traditional high gloss tiles to cool concrete and one-piece marble effects, there is a design and panel size for every taste and requirement. However, if you are not sure what styles to stock, we will be able to advise you based on your customer base and fulfil larger special requests.


Fibo tile alternative Olive straight herringbone
Intricate tile and urban designs create a bold statement in half the time of traditional tiles. Panel size - width: 600mm height: 2,400mm.


Fibo tile alternative
Paying homage to Norwegian heritage, this range is elegant and always on trend. Panel size - width: 600mm height: 2,400mm


Minimalist in style this range has classic tile designs with glossy and matte finishes. Panel size - width: 600mm height: 2,400mm.


Fibo tile alternative
Through classic influences, this range provides great value and a luxurious look. Panel size - width: 600mm height: 2,400mm.

Luxury Feature Panels

Fibo tile alternative white slate
Narrower feature panels allow for creativity and are perfect for accents or points of interest. Panel size - width: 300mm height: 2,400mm.


With industrial details, this non-tile effect range provides a moody and chic option. Panel size - width: 600mm height: 2,400mm.



Luxury Feature Panel - White slate

Where can Fibo tile alternative wall panels be used?

Due to the water and mould-proof properties, Fibo panels can be used in a variety of places where moisture is present and easy maintenance is preferred. Furthermore, fitters will find the 2.4-metre-long panels incredibly simple and easy to install and cover larger areas quickly. Fibo wall panels are so versatile in size and installation, that they are used for both residential and commercial projects. Moreover, intuitive design elements such as the Luxury Feature Panel caters for a variety of projects. For instance, multi-complex projects that require a subtle element of unique design without wasting time and money on the overall build. Consequently, Fibo panelling can be used in large-scale projects for homes, hotels or office blocks.

Fibo tile alternative

Grey Concrete Tile 

Grey Concrete Tile

Why should you stock a tile alternative?

Tiling is commonly regarded as a luxury product as it looks beautiful when installed precisely and can cater for low to high budgets. However, when taking into consideration the labour and skills that are required for tiling, a project installation can take longer than other methods used to finish and waterproof a wall. For example, to remodel an already tiled wall, the contractor would have to remove all the current tiles, re-level and waterproof the wall before putting the new tiles on and grouting. This multi-step process can easily become delayed or more costly than first planned, which is why tile alternatives are becoming increasingly popular.

London Herringbone Tile 

What is the product offering?

As exclusive Fibo distributors in Ireland, we stock a wonderful selection of wall panels from each of the design collections, a variety of compatible trims to match and installation accessories. We also provide marketing assets so you can be confident in presenting this new range to your customers.

Point of Sale

These tile alternative panels are striking in person and we recommend a display of the products in-situ to give customers the best impression in your store. A display will help bring your whole interior range to life and our team will be happy to assist you with showroom installations. We also offer many other custom point-of-sale displays that you may need for your stores.


This luxury panelling range has considerable potential and there may be customers with large project requirements and big orders. In this instance, we can also provide you with a special delivery direct to the site when your customers have exceptionally large orders.

Overall, Fibo wall panels give contractors a wealth of versatility with a superior product. Providing them with a tile alternative that is fast to install, waterproof and has a 25-year warranty; the Fibo offering is a must-have to strengthen your interior range and maintain a loyal customer base.

For more information about Fibo, including pricing, speak to a member of the sales team now

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