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Low Maintenance, High Durability: Kerrafront Trend External Cladding embraces the essence of low-maintenance elegance. Once installed, it demands no additional upkeep, sparing your customers the time and money required for regular painting and maintenance. Additionally, thanks to innovative Kerracore technology, it's exceptionally durable and weather-resistant, ensuring it won't fade or deform under the sun's rays or temperature changes. This robust cladding guarantees savings by protecting the building's interior and preventing heat loss, all while promoting healthy air circulation to ward off mold and fungus.

Effortless Assembly: The large Kerrafront Trend boards make installation a breeze. Their lightweight design, combined with built-in clasps, streamlines the process, reducing installation time and effort. Plus, it's 100% waterproof, with no need for additional protection for cut edges, adding to its convenience and efficiency.

Inspired by Nature: Kerrafront Trend cladding takes inspiration from the beauty of natural stone and minerals. The collection boasts four stunning colors, each available in two design versions: Stone, with a natural stone image, and Soft, with a subtle, monochromatic shade. Importantly, this collection aligns with contemporary architectural trends favoring simple, large forms, making it stand out among other cladding alternatives.

Versatile Design Options: The ability to install Kerrafront Trend boards vertically or horizontally provides your customers with design freedom and the possibility to integrate them with other materials. The Trend collection offers single boards (FS-301) in Connex version, making it adaptable to various project needs.

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